Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Pinterest-ing Week

I've been absent, attending a training out of town, plus a conference and more.  Totally pushing my limits physically, but the training and certification is a requirement for my new, very part-time job. 

I've been having a wonderful time, but have landed in a major flare up of my chronic pain.  It's temporarily keeping me from enjoying things away from my bed and sofa. 

While I'm busy taking care of myself so that I can get back into blogging, creating, etc I thought I'd share a few of my pins and boards from Pinterest.   Yes!  I'm having a pinterest-ing week and would love to connect with you there as well!  The following is just some of what's available on my boards - so be sure to check it out!

Indulge your Domestic Diva and browse through Frugal Living and DIY Home
Nurture your creativity with visits to Needle Crafts, Craft Ideas and several DIY boards

Expand your horizons with It's A Wonderful World and Faces of Humanity

Discover new gastronomic goodies at Food Fest or Low Carb/Low GI foods
And scroll through Color, Gorgeous Color, Wisdom Words, Printables and more.  Be sure to follow my boards - I follow back!